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Non-profit organisation founded in 1997 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Affiliated with the United Nations on a consultative status at ECOSOC.

Established in more than 25 countries.


Its mission is to build a sustainable and inclusive peace by promoting the development of human values in both the individual and societies on a global scale.

Our human-centred approach lends itself to working across sectors and populations, including international organisations (UN, EU, World Bank), governments, managers and CEO's, social and community workers, women's groups, religious leaders, refugees, victims of violence, youth, terrorists and rebels, prisoners and children, and differing religious, ethnic and social communities.

Next Healing and Resilience Prg in Brussels

For survivors/families of the Brussels attack having Post-Trauma symptoms, victims of domestic violence, abuse, rape & for Refugees. More info HERE


"I was waking up 7 to 10 times a night since the past 2 months (after the terrorist attacks), it's been exhausting. Now, I wake up only twice and with my breathing techniques, i'm able to fall asleep again.

 - Brussels airport staff, May 2016

"I learned to accept the situation, to live with it. Now, I can forgive myself and forgive my son"     - mother of a Belgian foreigh fighter, Feb 2016

Healing, Resilience and Empowerment program for migrants - Brussels Sept 2017

Supporting professionals working in conflict areas - teachers, social workers, NGOs in Jordan (current EU project)

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