"For two months I have been sleeping with a butcher knife under my pillow, because I was engulfed by fear. And last night, I put the knife back in the kitchen where it belongs. I didn't sleep peacefully, but I know this is the way forward to break away from my pattern since the Brussels airport bombing." - airport passenger

"I learned to be more in the present moment. I learned that instead of being stuck in the past, it is best to go through the pain and suffering in order to transform it into something better. It's a real life training this program. It should be accessible to all communities. " - mother of foreign fighters

"When I worry, I breathe. When i face a difficult situation, I breathe. I finally control how to overcome my problems and to live fully. " - an employment adviser

"The inmates themselves express that they become better at accepting what is, as well as being more in touch with how they feel.  Also they feel better at discriminating between which choices are better or worse for them. Furthermore, they show increased empathy as well as an increased attention on how their action as well as lack of action can affect other people." - State prison inspector from Denmark

Healing children impacted by the Syrian war in Jordan and preventing future extremism - get direct testimonials from the children themselves in this 4min video :

"The course has significantly impacted and subsequently transformed many inmates' lives. These services are asserted to be indispensable to offenders whose crimes could only be perceived as symptomatic to a "cry for help" and "acting out" behaviours emanating from a number of factors demanding appropriate attention. " - Chief Psychologist, Baviaanspoort Prison, South Africa 

"During this program I didn't feel judged nor was I judging others. Through this program, I realise I have to accept myself without judgment." - mother of a suicide bomber