Designed by experienced practitioners and peace workers, our bespoke training programs provide professional peacebuilders, social workers, psychologists, peace trainers and peacebuilding organizations with the experience and skills to improve and integrate psychosocial skills and self- care into their peacebuilding work. Working in difficult environment, long hours and facing emotionally charged audiences can lead to a reduced level of enthusiasm, productivity and energy. It is therefore important to improve and integrate psycho-social skills as well as self-management in their work.   




The program imparts advanced breathing techniques that assist in releasing stress and negative emotions in order to break patterns of negative thinking, behavior and attitude. Through the program, one benefits from higher level of energy, enthousiasm, personal resilience as well as presence and concentration.

Spread over 12 hours on 3-4 consecutive days, we also suggest to have follow up sessions in order to maintain mental hygiene and better integration of the techniques. This program is offered for groups of maximum 15 participants.

An extension of the program is possible for people working in the humanitarian field with an 2 additional areas:

1) Framing & Factors: Overview and in-depth examination of psychosocial frameworks of analysis and factors;

2) Professional Skills Training: Providing tools for analysis, design and delivery of psycho-social interventions to increase sustainability and effectiveness of peacebuilding outcomes.


  • ↑ health, immunity, sleep
  • ↓ anxiety, depression, burn-out, stress
  • ↑ energy, enthousiasm
  • ↑ release of chronic stress, traum and healing
  • ↑ self-confidence and capacity to identify and integrate psycho-social factors to improve impact and sustainability at work
  • ↑ intuition, creativity, clarity of mind, focus
  • ↑ ability to manage difficult people and situations
  • ↑ understanding of mental and emotional tendencies (oneself and others)
  • ↑ awareness of mind
  • ↑ personal and interpersonal relationship, team spirit and sharing