Since inception in 1992, the Prison SMART program has knows worldwide success. Implemented in more than sixty countries, it has reached more then 400.000 prisoners and prison staff members.

Prison SMART responds to the needs of all people implicated in the "chain of violence" : inmates (adults and minors), their families, ex-inmates, toxicomaniacs, victims of violence, prison staff, police force and others working in the prison administration. 


Through advanced breathing techniques, physical exercise, knowledge and skills training, prisoners become more aware of, themselves are able to let go of negative emotions, accumulated stress and destructive behaviour, and are empowered to take responsibility for their lives.

The program is offered in 5 to 7 consecutive days with a total of 3 hours a day.

It is a holistic program that offers innovative and efficient tools to reduce the level of recidivity, and offers a real opportunity for reintegration to delinquants and healing to victims of violence.

It also improves prison staff performance. Prison SMART benefits from a unique, tested and validated expertise in all of these fields, including culturally very diverse populations. 

"This training provides what any other doesn't : it goes directly to the heart of the problem"  - a Belgian inmate 

"I experienced freedom through this program. My physical health has improved (sleep, less tension and pain in the body)"    - a German inmate

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