The school environment is crucial for the development of teenagers. Their hearts and minds are often sensitive to external influences. Doubts, teenage crisis, idealism, identity search and wondering what the purpose of life is, can make this target group very fragile and sensitive. The youth are in between childhood and adulthood, it is therefore important to channel this state of mind to strengthen their self-confidence, personal resilience, spirit of enquiry and their general wellness to ensure a stable cross-over to the next important phase of development - adulthood.

Teachers and facilitators take a big responsibility to guide and train teenagers. It is thus improtant that they are at their best physically as well as their state of mind. In order to manage stress and crisis in class, cultural diversity and all that it brings, workload and daily challenges, it is crucial that their state of mind be objective, calm and centered and that their body is also fit for job.


Student Program :

The 12 to 15 hour program for students offers participants practical tools and life skills to release stress, master their emotions, withstand peer pressures, and solve conflicts using nonviolent action. Working at both personal and interpersonal levels, this program addresses different types of change, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and interpersonal outcomes, transforming the attitudes and behaviours of youth from at-risk to responsible, confident and empowered.


Teachers Program :

The program imparts advanced breathing techniques that assist in releasing stress and negative emotions in order to break patterns of negative thinking, behavior and attitude. Through the program, one benefits from higher level of energy, enthousiasm, personal resilience as well as presence and concentration.

Spread over 12 hours and 3-4 consecutive days, we also suggest to have follow up sessions in order to maintain mental hygiene and better integration of the techniques.

Benefits :

  • ↑ health, immunity, sleep
  • ↓ anxiety, depression, burn-out, stress
  • ↑ energy, enthousiasm
  • ↑ release of chronic stress
  • ↑ ability to manage provocation
  • ↑ intuition, creativity, clarity of mind, focus
  • ↑ ability to manage difficult people and situations
  • ↑ understanding of mental and emotional tendencies (oneself and others)
  • ↑ awareness of mind
  • ↑ personal and interpersonal relationship, team spirit and sharing